Kyser Capo

Another reason why I love the Kyser capo is because it is so versatile in it’s elegance.  A lot of capos out there may be extremely high in quality, but they simply don’t look the part, as there is not much room for creativity when all there’s to it is a small bit of metal.

On the contrary if you look at capos that are made to look the part, you can’t ever be sure on the quality until you have tried them out for yourself.  With the Kyser capo you know exactly what you are getting, and you know it will do the job to a high standard.

Below is a list of various different designs all available for $19,95 excluding shipping.  This includes a range of different colour designs as well as some cool and interesting patterns and colour combinations, such as The American flag, intergalactic space designs and many more.

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As you can see there are plenty of variaties going around, enough to have something interesting for any guitar player.  The rubber neck protection sleeve is see through, so it takes on the colour of the capo, whilst also protecting your neck from harm.

If you would like more information on the Kyser Capo, click here for the full review.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

In the meantime, rock on!