Shubb capo review – Considered best capo

Good morning my lovely guitar enthusiasts!

Today I will take a look at the Shubb capo and let you know my thoughts on it.  In this Shubb capo review, I will be looking at the durability, the ease, and accuracy of it, as well as my personal feeling towards it.  It is many people’s number one favourite of all time, so you know that it is going to be good, that should be no surprise, however for me it has some downsides which cause it to drop down from that number one position.   So let’s take a look!


The pros of a Shubb Capo      

First of all, this capo just screams professionalism when you see it.  You might recognise it from all those professional musicians who play with it, your guitar teacher most likely has one and it is just amazing to look at.  It would be the Macbook of guitar capos:  Slick and  reliable.  When someone uses a Shubb capo, you immediately have the idea that they are a good guitar player, as that is the kind of reputation this capo has.

Probably the best thing about this capo, is that it has the ability to adapt to the thickness of the neck with a screw at the back of the capo.  This means you can adjust the pressure the capo exerts on the strings in relation to the position of the capo.  As the neck of your guitar is wider at the base, you would like to be able to adjust the capo accordingly to keep up with the required pressure.

Same in reverse, you don’t want the capo to be too tight at the top of the neck (fret one or 2) for a couple of reasons:  When a capo is too tight, it is likely it will go out of tune.  Many capos out there are not able to adjust the pressure which causes the guitar to go sharp a lot of the time.  Also having the capo on too tight could damage both your capo and your guitar, which is why this capo is so good, as you have the possibility to control that.

Another great feature of this capo is that it has a removable sleeve.  It would be a shame to have to throw away a whole capo if all that is wrong with it is the sleeve ( The horizontal bar that presses down the strings).  Although it is likely you won’t ever have to change it, it is great that a replacement is possible if necessary, and they are also very cheap to replace.

And now the cons,

It is inevitable that all good things have some downsides as well.  Some downsides are just because of personal preference, and other downsides are there for everybody to experience.

My biggest concern with this capo is that I play a lot of different songs, on many different capo positions, and this capo just isn’t very fast to take on and off.  Sometimes I even change positions mid song, and this capo can’t realistically keep up with that.  To secure this capo properly, you will need both hands, one hand to hold the bar down onto the strings, the other hand to fasten.

The second downside for me is more of a personal snag.  I tend to lose things quite easily, so I try to keep things on a certain place so I know where they are.  I like to keep my capos on the head of my guitar so they are there when I need them, and Shubb capos don’t like to sit there, because they just fall off.  You would have to keep it in a pocket or a case or something, which isn’t really ideal for me.

I do love a bit of colour on a capo as well.  A little bit of style.  This capo doesn’t have much potential for various looks, and to be quite honest black is probably the best it’s going to look, so if the exterior is important to you, then you will have more options with different brands.

This capo is also definitely designed for steel string guitars with generally a slightly smaller neck.  Often capos fit on any guitar, however if you have a big classical guitar with a very wide neck, this capo would not be a good match for you.

And lastly, it just feels a bit flimsy in my hand, it doesn’t feel sturdy or reliable.  This is completely unjustified of course, as it has proven to be very reliable and durable, but sometimes you just can’t help but have a certain feeling.



So overall I would say the pros out way the cons, as the cons mostly are for personal preferences which I am sure many players would not see the same way.  I would definitely recommend purchasing one of these beautiful capos as, like I said, it will be a topic of conversation with any guitar player and it is generally considered to be the best capo out there. If you would like to see a variety please follow this link to get taken to a selection of the best Shubb capos.  I can guarantee it is a great investment for any serious guitar player.

As always, please let me know your thoughts, and your playing experience! I always like to hear how people think differently to me.

All the best for now!


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